Yesterford - English Small Ford Specialist
Suppliers of new, used & reconditioned parts for pre-1980 English Fords.

Yesterford Pty Ltd is proudly Australian owned and has been operated by Mike Kirkpatrick since 1988. We supply parts for English Small Fords to customers throughout Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Our business also includes YESTERPUMPS.  Reconditioning obsolete water pumps for classic cars, trucks, tractors, forklifts & more.

Opening Hours:    Monday – Friday    9am – 4pm

Classic Small Ford Parts

Parts include, but are not limited to:

  • Engine components, mounts
  • Gaskets and seals of all kinds
  • Fuel pumps, water pumps, oil pumps and overhaul kits
  • Distributors, distributor caps
  • Carburettors & carby repair kits
  • Tune up parts such as : Oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, contact points, rotor buttons, condensers, spark plugs & leads
  • Starter motors, generators and alternators
  • Water pumps, radiator hoses, thermostats & housings and other cooling system requirements
  • Transmission / gearbox parts, gaskets & seals, speedo cables
  • Brake and Clutch parts
  • Suspension and steering parts, including struts, drag links, tie rod ends, steering, ball joints, bushes, lowering blocks
  • Lighting and electrical parts, including lenses, globes, switches, headlights
  • Rubber seals and weather strips, including boot, bonnet, window and door seals for most models.
  • Headlight / tail light seals, bonnet bump stops, various grommets and other rubber components
  • Transfer body kits for Cortinas and Escorts, including GT
  • Workshop / Repair manuals (varying new & second hand)

Current Stock & Prices

Please see specific car pages for current stock and prices.

If you cannot see the item you require listed, you are welcome to contact us.  There is a possibility we may be able to source the item you are looking for.

We also stock a limited amount of second hand parts.  These are not listed on this website.  You shall need to contact us for availability and prices.

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Reconditioned Water Pumps

We Recondition Water Pumps for all makes and models (not just Fords)

  • Cars
  • tractors
  • trucks
  • forklifts
  • stationary engines